Science Camp Energy

Science Camp Energy offers you the opportunity to think about the future of our energy supply, meet new people and just have fun.

What are the future possibilities to secure our energy supply?

Contact person at the ZML
Michael Gauss
Phone: +49 721 608-48206
E-mail: michael.gauss3∂

This will be one of the central questions of the camp. There you can work out your own small projects on this question. You will set your own priorities and develop them through experiments, research, models or interviews. Among other things, you will have the opportunity to talk to scientists and look over their shoulders at their workplace. On excursions and visits (e.g. to the Bioliq facility at KIT's Campus North) we would like to give you an insight into the current state of research. At the end of the camp week, we ask you to present your results, ideas and experiences by means of a short video or a lecture.

In addition to the opportunity to get to know a new topic, leisure activities should not be neglected. For example, we want to visit the Europabad or have a barbecue in the evening. In addition, you can design and test your own water wheel in the water wheel building competition .


Science Camp Energy

May 24 - 27, 2023

for young people from 14-16 years


Registration information

Maximum number of participants: 20 students

Registration is currently closed, more information will follow.


The one-week Science Camp Energy is offered in close cooperation with the KIT Center Energy and the Schülerakademie Karlsruhe e.V..

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