Center for Technology-Enhanced Learning

Interactive multi-angle video player

At ZML, a large number of videos are continuously produced. Whether it is the presentation of a laboratory experiment, the use of different special cameras or different language variants – it is often difficult to commit to one variant and one video track. In some scenarios, it can offer significant added value if the user can view a video from different angles. This is why the so-called "Multi-Angle Video Player" was developed, which allows the integration of up to three video and audio tracks, so that the user can decide for himself which perspective or language variant he wants to choose. This opens up many new possibilities to tell a story.

Possible usage scenarios are:

  • Control of the level of detail through different perspectives of a situation (e.g. a laboratory experiment)
  • Knowledge transfer using various special cameras (e.g. thermal imaging, UV and "normal" camera)
  • Addressing different user groups through different language variants (e.g. German, English, French)
  • Production and provision of barrier-free videos (e.g. normal and easily understandable language variants)
  • Interesting storytelling through different narrative perspectives (e.g. professor, students)

The multi-angle video player is open source and can be used without any restrictions. The instructions and code for using the newly developed video player are available on Gitlab.

Here as an example the contribution of KIT to the topic of artificial intelligence and the start-up auvisus.