Study, research and teach across borders

How can participants from different locations, languages and cultures be reached equally in teaching? One possibility for cross-border teaching is the use of digital media. With their help, teachers can make their teaching/learning offerings available regardless of location and time.

In addition to an increase in flexibility, digital media offer many other design options in teaching. For the implementation of cross-site teaching at KIT, various options are available, which differ in terms of complexity and effort for preparation and realization.

Opening your event: You can open your event for students of other locations and universities with little effort. Hybrid events or lecture recordings are suitable for this purpose. In a hybrid event, students can participate simultaneously on-site or via a live stream, while a lecture recording involves the asynchronous delivery of a face-to-face or online event.


Cross-site teaching collaboration: If you want to deliver a learning experience together with international colleagues from other sites, universities or institutions, you can do this, for example, via live streaming or with a blended learning event. Live streaming involves the synchronous transmission of an event, while blended learning combines online and classroom phases.


Online course: You can also develop a complete online course or MOOC. This can be made available to any size of international audience and used as a resource in wider teaching contexts.


Our Services

If you would like to try out your own international teaching-learning format, you can use the ZML services for support free of charge, for example as part of a project such as Eucor. Just get in touch with us. We will be happy to advise you and help you with the implementation.

In order to be able to develop a suitable concept for your requirements, we recommend a non-binding initial meeting in which we provide you with an overview of media, tools and application scenarios and answer any questions you may have on the subject of e-learning.

You would like to make your learning offer accessible to international students?

With the help of digital tools, your course can be attended by students from other universities. In the context of online teaching, for example, this can be made possible in an uncomplicated manner by providing access data to live lectures as well as materials or event recordings. We are also happy to provide you with information and tips on the design of online teaching events. Classroom events held at KIT can also be transferred to other university locations in the form of hybrid teaching or as part of a blended learning format.


If you want to make your learning offer accessible to a wider audience, we will be happy to advise you on possibilities, requirements, and tools for implementation.

Do you want to make it easier for international and foreign-language students to participate in your event?

The Lecture Translator tool offers practical help in minimizing language barriers for international and foreign-language students. The system enables the translation and transcription of lectures in real time and can be used in different lecture halls or as a mobile application.


We advise you on questions of barrier-free design of learning offers with digital media and support you in the adaptation of your event.

You would like to promote and use intercultural exchange within the framework of your event?

If you would like to actively involve international students and promote intercultural dialogue in your course, this can be achieved with various digital technologies and tools in the context of online or face-to-face events. The implementation and support effort depends on the objective, scope and complexity of the project.


We offer you an overview of possible application scenarios and formats and support you in the didactic planning and production of supporting media.

Do you want to make your learning offer accessible to a target group outside your (own) university or reach a broad audience?

If your learning offer should not only be directed to selected partner institutions, but should reach as broad a target group of interested people as possible, the format of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) comes into question. These online courses, which are usually freely accessible, can be designed in a variety of ways and increase the visibility of your research and teaching activities through public availability.


We are happy to help you find the right format for your project.

You have contacts at other universities and would like to realize a joint learning offer?

From a one-time integration in the form of a digital guest lecture in a face-to-face event to a virtual lecture series or cross-location project work, you can choose from a variety of formats depending on your objectives. Particularly in the European area, the networking of universities and the establishment of cross-border structures in research and teaching are promoted. KIT is actively involved in the Eucor and Epicur initiatives.


We would be pleased to inform you about implementation and funding possibilities of your project within the framework of Eucor and Epicur.

If you have further questions or concrete implementation requests, please do not hesitate to contact us.