Projects and offers that support and promote international networking

EPICUR - European Partnership for an Innovative Campus Unifying Regions

The development of an open-minded and innovative European university is pursued by the alliance of eight universities within the EPICUR project. One focus of the project is to enable virtual mobility in the European education area by building a virtual campus and developing innovative teaching-learning formats. Interdisciplinary digital learning offers according to the educational principle of Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) can be designed and tested within the project.

We will be happy to advise you on the implementation possibilities of your project in the context of EPICUR.

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Eucor - The European Campus

The implementation of international teaching with digital media is promoted at KIT within the framework of Eucor. "Eucor - The European Campus" is a cross-border association of the Upper Rhine universities of Basel, Freiburg, Haute-Alsace, Strasbourg, and KIT. The five universities have joined forces in order to bundle and better network their competencies. Together, they want to build up a clearly profiled science area with international appeal - a trinational research and education area without borders.

At KIT, personnel and financial resources in the field of e-learning and blended learning are being expanded for this purpose. The use of digital media in teaching makes it possible to link virtual and physical mobility and to make one's own events accessible to an international audience. In recent years, a number of information and support services have already been developed to help teachers make their events available across locations within the European Campus.

We will be happy to advise you on opportunities for digitally supported teaching and collaboration within the Eucor network.

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Lecture Translator

The Lecture Translator (LT) is an IT infrastructure for machine speech recognition and translation. Similar to subtitles in movies, students can read along with the lecture in real time via the Internet on a computer screen. The system can be used in many lecture halls at KIT. A mobile version is also available, so that events outside the lecture hall can be realized by arrangement.

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